In 2019, Sally and Joanna started the journey to create their own gin. It was the year of the restaurants 4th anniversary and it was  becoming more established. Sally felt she needed yet another new project….

They wanted to create a world class gin, with 100% natural ingredients that would taste great and pair well with food. They started to mix ingredients using Joanna’s expert palate with Joanna developing kitchen-based recipes and then working with an award-winning distiller for their gin expertise and production.

They worked through hundreds of iterations of the recipe, continually tweaking the ingredients and mix until they had something they were proud enough to call North42! – a 42% ABV Gin, the 42nd Gin to be served at North Bar & Restaurant on 42 Hinckley Road! They also say the meaning of life is 42…

Joanna with her creative side also worked with a design company to create the bottle and brand design. After months of process, the gin was finalised in flavour & the bottle design was created.

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