In 2014 Sally & Joanna found and purchased a restaurant shell, that needed a complete re-design & refurbishment – the perfect project to combine their skills and passions… North Bar and Kitchen was born and opened on Feb 4th 2015

Situated at No.42 Hinckley Road, Leicester, Joanna and Sally’s playful nature led them to a number game – they would stock and sell 41 of the highest quality most Gins chosen from their travels around the World and only sell a 42nd Gin when they could make a world class gin themselves and they would call it North42.

The first cocktail they ever made – the Rhubarb Tumble – was inspired by Sally’s love of rhubarb, and Joanna’s ability to come up with perfect food pairings.

From 2016, North Bar & Restaurant gained an East Midlands reputation for stocking the finest Gins and offering sensational food which paired well with different gins.

We went on to win Best New Business 2016 and Best Restaurant in 2017 at the Niche Awards

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